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Latin Medallists

  BIB NOC Name
1 10 JPN Kubota Yumiya / Kubota Rara
2 23 TPE Peng Yeng-Ming / Chi Hsin- Chi
3 16 KOR Jung Kwangho / Yeo Songhee


Kubota Yumiya / Kubota Rara, JPN, gold medallists.


Standard Medallists

Rank BIB NOC Name
1 7 JPN Ishihara Masayuki / Kubo Ayami
2 15 KOR Nam Sangwung / Song Yina
3 27 HKG Yek Tak Chung / Kwong Sin Lee Carol

Ishihara Masayuki / Kubo Ayami, JPN, the Champions of the 2009 East Asian Games, in the final.

DanceSport at the East Asian Games 2009

30 couples from 5 different east Asian countries entered in the todays competition. The format was completely different to whar we are used to in IDSF competitions. During the day there were held competitions in single dances. That means : e.g. English Waltz, all couples – this time there had only been a 6 couples final- danced a group dance for 1 min 10 sec., then each couple did a solo performence in English Waltz for 1 min. After this again an English Waltz was danced in a group for 1min 10 sec. This procedure was done in every Standard and in every Latin dance. So in the end there were many price presentations, many gold, silver and bronce medals.

In the evening session there were held 5 dance competitions in Standard and Latin. The winners in both events came from Japan. Standard winners were Ishihara Masayuki and Kubo Ayami, who recently took part in the World Cup Standard in Vienna as reptresentatives of the Japanese DanceSport Federation.

Latin winners were Kubota Yumiya and Kubota Rara, Japan as well.

The organisation was in the hands of the Hong Kong DanceSport Association, Chairman Mr. George YIP. They provided best conditions for the couples, perfect schedule and great atmosphere in the Star Hall, Hong Kong International Trade and Exhibition Centre.

The victory ceremony was a bit different to what we are normally used to – the athletes came in their track suit.

Venues at a Glance

Hong Kong is prepared to host more than 3 000 athletes from East Asian countries. The events will take place in 21 venues, located in New Territories, Kowloon and Hong Kong. The DanceSport competitions will take place on Sunday, 6th Dec in the Hong Kong International Trade & Exhibition Centre. The Hong Kong DanceSport Member Body provided the couples with the possibilty to try the floor even today, to be well prepared for the day. The couples are ready to performe in Solo Dance Competitions as well as in five dance competitions Standard and Latin.

Also the judges, who come from Europe and Asia, received their information in using the approved Japanese Adjudication System.

Mascots everywhere in town !

“Dony” and “Ami” have incorporated the elements of fire and a lion in the creative design. This conveys the continually helping spirit of Hong Kong people as highlighted in the classic Cantonese song “Under the Lion Rock”. The fireworks pattern on their bodies echoes the emblem, representing people of different races gathering in Hong Kong as well as the cohesive force that brings the people of Hong Kong to participate in the Games.

22 different sports, like Aquatics, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Bowling, Cue Sports, cycling, Football, Hockey, Judo, Rowing, Rugby Sevens, Shooting, Squash, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Tennis, Volleyball, Weightlifting, Windsurfing, Wushu and DanceSport will be represented in the Games and have its own symbol.

Isn`t that a nice couple ?

Just to start !

The East Asian Games (EAG) held every four years, is a major event in the Asian international sports arena. The first EGA was held in China (Shanghai) in 1993, followed by Korea(Pusan ) in 1997, Japan (Osaka) in 2001 and Macau China 2005.

The 5th East Asian Games will be held in Hong Kong from 5th to 13th December. Elite athletes from China, the Democratic People`s Republic of Korea, Japan, Korea, Macau China, Mongolia, Chinese Taipei, Guam and Hong Kong China will compete for 262 gold medals in 22 sports making it the largest international multi-sport event ever held in Hong Kong.

The five colour fireworks graphics of the 2009 East Asian Games emblem take reference from the five Olympic rings. The sparkling fireworks symbolise the energy of athletes striving to fulfil their potential and achieve sporting execellence.

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